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Low cost dental fillings Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

When subsequent holes (cavities) have appeared as a result of decay and have affected the tooth structure, a restorative dental procedure is usually needed to make sure the caries are closed off and thus prevent further tooth decay caused by food particles and bacteria. Fillings are also required if the tooth has been damaged as a result of regular wear of the tooth or an accident. This treatment will prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth and will repair its strength, shape and appearance.

The cost of fillings varies according to the material or technique used by the dentist, but we guarantee a fixed price of only $149 per filling. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care, so we offer the best quality service at the most affordable cost.

Different types of fillings

  • There are various types of dental fillings, and the material chosen by the dentist will depend on the size and location of the cavity. Dental fillings costs may differ at other dentist clinics depending on the material used, however, at Dental 99 we use composite resin fillings and glass ionomer cement fillings (GIC) and guarantee a single fee of only $149 per filling.

  • Amalgam Fillings

    An amalgam filling is made of a mixture of different chemical elements, including mercury, silver and zinc. Some of the advantages of this material are its durability, low cost and resistance. Still, it may need more space in comparison to other materials, so healthy parts of the tooth could be removed. Besides, some discolouration and allergic reaction may happen. We don’t use metal fillings or amalgam fillings.

  • Gold filling

    This material is known for its durability and strength. Still, the manufacturing process is longer, which makes the cost of the filling more expensive when compared to other materials and more than one dental appointment is needed to complete the cavity filling procedure.

  • temporary fillings for teeth

    Dentists may use a temporary dental filling when the process of filling a cavity takes at least two dental appointments, after a root canal treatment or for an emergency.

  • Dental 99 fillings

    Composite dental fillings: made of a mixture of plastic and glass, tooth-coloured fillings are well-known for their flexibility, as they can be used to repair decayed, broken or worn-down teeth. And for their excellent aesthetic properties because dentists can easily match the colour of the dental filling with the actual colour of the teeth. Composite resin filling material also offers extra support to the tooth structure.

    GIC fillings: they contain glass particles and are used in a similar way to composite resin fillings. These tooth-coloured restorations are also recognised for their aesthetic properties and are usually used for young children or cavity fillings below the gum line. Besides, it releases fluoride to support the healing process and protect the tooth from decay.

Dental filling procedure 

The dentist will begin the treatment by numbing the area where the tooth is located. After removing the decay in your teeth, they will clean and dry the damaged area and then fill the cavity with a dental filling material. Once it has hardened, it will be carved into a tooth shape to maintain the same function and bite position. 

Generally, cavity fillings are safe and can last for years, but good oral hygiene is essential to look after your new tooth filling.

How to save decaying teeth?

Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on teeth. When bacteria in your mouth is combined with saliva and food debris, it produces acids that dissolve and damage the enamel, the tooth surface, and cause tooth decay. If left untreated, it can cause toothache, infections and cavities that could affect the nerve, and you would require root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

However, it can be very challenging to identify decay in the early stages; it tends to spread quickly and produce a more prevalent and intense pain.

That is why you should visit a dentist who can detect this on time. Our dentists will use a digital X-ray, which is included in your $149 treatment, as a diagnostic tool because it will show even the smallest areas of decay. If decay is present, the dentist will be able to identify its size and location and thus proceed to repair the tooth.

We offer a dental check-up and a cleaning treatment where the dentist performs a comprehensive assessment of your mouth and deep cleaning to eliminate the accumulation of tartar build-up on your teeth to avoid tooth decay and significant problems.

After each appointment, the dentist will discuss your results, prescribe additional treatments, if necessary, and give you feedback about your oral hygiene and how to improve it. You can access this information, including x-rays and images, in your Dental 99 mobile app at any time.

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