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Why Dental 99?

Accessible quality dental care for all

At Dental 99, we are on a mission to make great dental care accessible to everyone. We believe that a brilliant smile and healthy teeth should be within reach without breaking the bank. That’s why we started in 2018 with a bold idea: offering essential dental treatments for as little as $99. Today, our innovative model continues to provide some of the most budget-friendly treatment options you’ll find.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t any! We achieve this by preserving what truly matters to you (quality dental care and exceptional support) and rethinking everything else through a modern lens. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary and created some cool 21st-century technology to support our mission.

Introducing the Dental 99 app

We’ve developed a user-friendly mobile app that empowers you to take charge of your dental experience. Say goodbye to the hassles of dealing with receptionists and phone calls. With our app, booking and managing your appointments has never been simpler. Your complete dental record, including X-rays and aftercare instructions, is right at your fingertips. We take pride in making everything as easy as possible for you.

Where Quality meets Simplicity

At Dental 99, we pride ourselves in practising state-of-the-art dentistry, using the finest materials and instruments. We’ve chosen to focus on straightforward treatments, and we do them really, really well. This decision allows us to offer dental care that’s not only top-notch but also affordable. Our commitment to simplicity and transparency ensures you’ll always know what you’re paying for and the care you’ll receive.

Join the Dental 99 revolution!

By choosing Dental 99, you’re opting for affordable excellence, innovative dentistry, and patient empowerment. Dental 99 offers a revolutionary approach to dentistry, tailored to you, and we’re here to make it accessible to everyone.

Our clinics are strategically located across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to bring our affordable excellence to as many people as possible, and we’re just getting started!

To begin your journey, simply download our free app! Welcome to the future of dental care.