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Pearly whites without the price: the new player shaking up the dental industry

  • Channel 7
July 26, 2019

Plenty of Aussies want a great white smile, but time in a dentist’s chair can be expensive.

As many as 30% of Australians go without regular dental care, largely due to cost.

A new startup company is shaking up the dental industry with an ‘Uber model’ capping fees at $99 for basic procedures.

Dental 99 allows patients to choose from four basic procedures, booking and paying on their smartphone. Those four procedures include check-ups and cleanings (including X-rays), fillings, dental pain management and simple extractions. But crowns and vaneers are off the list.

“What we’re doing is using technology to make general services more accessible to everyone,” says Founder Gamma Verdian.

Even the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has welcomed the radical new arrival.

“As long as the patients have access to appropriate care, appropriate information and appointment availability, we have no problem with it,” says ADA President Carmelo Bonanno.

Dental 99 currently operates two clinics in Sydney, with a third planned for Melbourne soon. But eventually, they plan to have locations across Australia.

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Source: https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/pearly-whites-without-the-price-the-new-player-shaking-up-the-dental-industry-c-367135