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Broken tooth treatment

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Can a cracked tooth be saved?​

So you have just broken your tooth? Now what?

We all have these nightmares where you eat something the wrong way, or you fall in the wrong way, and a tooth or teeth break. Sometimes it’s a front tooth for all to see, other times it’s hidden in the back.

If you feel any tooth pain or sensitivity, it’s crucial to see a dentist straight away. An untreated broken tooth can lead to tooth decay, risking infection and tooth loss. If you have the Dental 99 app, it will be the quickest and easiest way to book an appointment. You click on the “Book Now” tab and find the next available appointment.

How to fix a cracked tooth? ​

The most common option to treat broken teeth is to have a dental filling to replace the missing tooth. Sometimes if the break is big enough or if there is a lot of decaying tooth under the break, the nerve may be exposed.

When this happens, we are left with two options. If you want to keep the tooth, you will need the nerve removed (under anaesthetic, painlessly) also known as a root canal therapy or have a broken tooth extraction.

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The best dental advice we can give you is prevention is better than cure. Have your routine dental cleaning and checkups, preferable six-monthly, so those small problems can be treated with smaller solutions rather than facing extractions or root canal therapies.

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